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Energy Make Over Contest

Energy Makeover Contest


Cooking in the summer can be unbearable, and the last thing you want to do on the hottest, most humid days is turn on the oven to make dinner.  Your air conditioner gets a work out during the summer months to keep your home cool, so why not give it a break and do your cooking outside.  Not only does your food taste great on a grill or smoker, it keeps the extra heat outdoors.  Smart cooking appliances also give you the convenience of being able to cook a perfect meal away from home utilizing Wi-Fi technology.  Range or oven cooking can really warm up a kitchen—especially in the summer.  Microwaves, convection ovens, induction cooktops, crockpots and toaster ovens put more cooking heat where you need it.  A toaster or convection oven uses one-third to one-half of the energy required of a full-sized oven and microwaves consume about 80% less energy.  Pressure cookers are gaining popularity again and they are another great way to reduce your cooking time dramatically.  When you cook inside, make sure the pans you are using match the correct size heating element or flame. Using lids on pots and pans will heat food more quickly than cooking uncovered.  When using conventional ovens, foods should be placed on the top rack.  The top rack is hotter and will cook food faster.  Convection modes use about 20% less electricity since they use fans to force hot air to circulate more evenly allowing food to be cooked at a lower temperature.  Always run your exhaust fan when cooking on the stove to get rid of the extra humidity.


This month’s challenge –  Avoid heating up your home this summer by cooking outside or using other appliances that require less energy than your stove.  When cooking inside, match the pan to the correct size heating element, use a lid, and place pans on the top rack of the oven.

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A WIFI DAVY CROCKETT GREEN MOUTAIN PELLET GRILL ($375 VALUE)!   Please complete the entry form and hit submit.

One entry per member.

Challenge Month entry must be received by June 30th to be eligible for the drawing.

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