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Electric Vehicle-EV Charger Rebate

Sioux Valley Energy developed two new rates for customers who either have an electric vehicle or are seeking more ways to impact the savings on electric bills through their conservation efforts.  The first rate option is for members who have an electric vehicle and would like to sign up for a submeter installation to receive a reduced rate for charging their car.  We would connect a submeter on the breaker for the dedicated 220 outlet where you charge your electric vehicle.  There is no fee for us to install this submeter equipment.  You would receive a reduced rate If you charge on the off peak hours from 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. 

The second rate option is a time of use rate for your whole home electric usage so it would not require submetering any particular outlet.  You would pay a reduce rate for any electrical usage in your home during off-peak hours and would pay a higher rate for any electrical usage during on-peak hours. Customers who are currently submetered on the heat rate are allowed to continue to receive the special electric heat rate so your rates would not fluctuate while heating your home.  If you try the new rate and decide it is not working for you, you can return to the regular rate program you were on. 

The first and second rate options cannot be combined so you would need to select one or the other if you wanted to participate in one of our new rate offerings. Our rate structures are designed to be revenue neutral, but these new rates give you an opportunity to have more control over your daily usage habits and impact your electric bill.  Refer to the current rate schedule for more details on these new rate options.  Former Alliant Energy customers are not eligible for the new rate programs or electric vehicle charger rebate.

Electric Vehicle Charger Residential Rebate

New in 2018, Sioux Valley Energy now offers a residential electric vehicle charger rebate.  A qualifying Level2 240-volt EV charger must be new, purchased in 2018 and installed to meet all applicable codes.  The charger must be single-phase and shall not exceed 7.5 kW.  Proof of EV charger purchase is required.  Members can receive a rebate up to 35% of the cost of the EV home charger including installation costs or a maximum rebate of $250.  The member must agree to sign up for the time of use rate in order to qualify for the rebate.  Refer to the current rate schedule for more details on the time of use rate. 

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