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Energy Make Over Contest

Energy Makeover Contest


You could be a winner!  The Energy Makeover Contest gives you twelve chances to win valuable prizes to enhance efficiency and conservation efforts in your home or business. Each month we will focus on a new topic to help you learn how little changes can help you save big!  The information gathered will help Sioux Valley Energy continue to educate our members about energy saving practices, safety, and ensure the programs we offer meet your needs.

Challenge Month #4 - Chill with Refrigeration

Refrigeration accounts for approximately eight percent of your energy costs. Replacing those old inefficient appliances with new Energy Star certified ones can help you save money. Look for the Energy Star logo on the yellow and black energy guide label when shopping for new appliances.

A new Energy Star refrigerator uses at least 15 percent less energy than non-qualified models, 40 percent less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001, and as much as 75 percent less energy than a 1970 model. Models with top-mounted freezers use 10-20 percent less energy than side-by-side or bottom-mounted units. The improvement in insulation and compressors means today’s freezers consume much less energy than older models. Freezers with an Energy Star certification are ten percent more efficient than non-qualified models. There are over 35 million freezers in service in the United States and over 16 million of those are over ten years old. According to, replacing your old freezer could save you up to $175 over the next five years. Once you replace your old inefficient refrigerator or freezer, kick it to the curb or recycling center rather than moving it in the garage or basement as a spare.

Take the challenge this month and evaluate the age, condition, and energy use of your refrigerators and freezers. You can do this by taking the wattage x hours used per day x days used per year / 1,000 = Kilowatt-hour (kWh) used annually x the rate you pay for energy (.0955 cents per kWh for most SVE rates except for large power). You can usually find the wattage of most appliances stamped on the bottom or back of the appliance or nameplate.

Example - A 600-watt refrigerator x 4 hours per day x 365 days = 876,000 / 1,000 = 876 kWh x .0955 cents = $83.66 per year. Compare that amount to the Energy Guide Label of a new appliance to see what your savings may be if you invest to replace that appliance.
Here’s a few other ways to save without buying new appliances: 

  • Clean refrigerator coils annually. Set the temperature between 34-40 degrees F. Switch your refrigerator’s power-saver to “on” if available and only use the anti-sweat feature when necessary. 
  • Regularly defrost your freezer to avoid ice build-up if it is not a frost-free unit. Set the temperature between 0-5 degrees F. Check the seals to ensure they fit tight.

ENTER FOR A CHANGE TO WIN AN INGLOO 5.1 CUBIC ENERGY STAR RATED CHEST FREEZER!! Please complete the entry form and hit submit.

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