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Irrigation Rebate

Sioux Valley Energy offers a third-party irrigation management rebate program. It applies to third-party systems that are installed at a service location receiving electricity from Sioux Valley Energy. Participating providers include AgSense, Intellifarms, Fieldwise, etc. The third-party irrigation management program allows the member to receive a reduced rate per metered kW per month for their billing cycles June through September. A one-time rebate of $750 is available per device for a third-party remote management irrigation system provided that it meets the following minimum requirements:

  • New system eliminates the need for a SVE load management receiver
  • Ability to ingest automated notice from power supplier of shed and restore via email, text or voice
  • Provide a less than 15-minute latency from power supplier email to load shed/restore
  • Provide distribution cooperative notice of customer bypass

Any control override of the third-party irrigation management program through the billing cycle will result in the member being billed the full demand charge for said billing period.

The member must agree to participate in the program for a minimum of 5 years. If the member discontinues before 5 years, the $750 rebate will be billed back to the member.  At that point, the member can opt to participate in the traditional load management program and have a SVE receive installed to continue on the peak shaving rebate.

Refer to the rate schedule for more detail on the irrigation rates.

Third-party Irrigation Rebate Form

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